The community council of Prodromos aiming to the tourist growth of the village has already finished some works of infrastructure and embellishment.

Some of these works are the following:

•  The creation of a cultural center next to the church of the village that includes a permanent fair with     photographs not only from the village but also from worth seeing places of the around region.
•  Essential asphalt covering has been done in all the streets of the community.
•  The community council has programmed some works of infrastructure and embellishment that aim     to change the village of Prodromos into a modern and European community.

Some of the programmed works are the following:

•  The extension and improvement of all the rural streets of the community.
•  The manufacture of a new big water dam for potable water.
•  The restoration and maintenance of the old municipal school and its transformation into a museum     of popular art. Also in the same building, the environmental museum will be accommodated.
•  Continuation of the works for the reformation of the central core of the village.
•  Creation of new parking places.
•  Expansion and improvement of all country roads of the community.
•  Reshaping of the community’s central square under European Specifications.
•  Improvement of the road leading from the old abattoir to the church.  
•  Improvement and widening of the road leading from the church to the excursion site “Kambi tou Kalogirou”.
•  To be registered in the land-registry plans both within and outside the community.
•  Increase of the index of urban development areas.